Shop Update Tomorrow

Had an exciting week in the shop. Thanks to friends tweeting and reposting, the old storefront had its busiest day ever. This little guy (girl?) was especially popular. People were linking to him from countries with alphabets I don’t recognize.  You never know what people are going to like. I was sure that people would be all over that little grey owl that my Glen has been drooling over, but no… the red owl has gotten all of the love. It sold in less than an hour. I’m thinking of making another one…  We’ll see.

If everything proceeds on schedule, I’ll have some new things in the shop tomorrow. This “craft blogging” thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Who has time to make things AND write about making things? Well… I guess lots of people do. These people clearly have far better time management skills than I do. Obvio.

I’m hoping to finish a Monarch Nicho for a customer today so that it can go in the mail on Tuesday and I’m working on simple little frames for the shop while things dry. The “Sweet and Tender Hooligan” nicho will be ready by tomorrow, too. That sucker’s been on my desk for over a month now. It’s time it found a new home… hopefully with someone who has a penchant for  pompadours and obscure literary references. I’ve already said too much.

Some peeks into what’s to come:

One thought on “Shop Update Tomorrow

  1. Kim Pfoser says:

    Alex, it’s Kim from the Sun Country flight – your work is spectacular! And, I don’t say that just because I saw you working on an owl while in flight! (You were in flight, not the owl!…on the other hand, it WAS on the plane with you…oh well.)

    I’m going to think long and hard about who I know who would appreciate your work, and you’ll be hearing from me as a customer in the future. If I can get a bit more settled here to find display space, I might be that customer!

    Have a wonderful time with su familia! TTFN!

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